Fire Rated Shutters

Bush Fire Rated Shutters

FireSafe Roller Shutters are:

  • Rated to Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40.
  • Tested by CSIRO (Report # FSZ1379).
  • Radiant heat shielding properties to 40KW/m2.
  • Fully Extruded aluminium shutters.
  • Protect windows from flying debris & extreme heat radiation.
  • Choice of profile colours.
  • Made in Australia.
  • 5 Year Roller Shutter Guarantee.


Saved by Ultra Shutters

On Black Saturday 2009, Callignee was engulfed by a horrendous firestorm.

Fire Rated Shutters
Gale-force winds and an explosion of gas from the Eucalypts turned our street into a furnace.
In a panic, we closed all of our Ultrashutters and prayed. Our home was the only house left standing in the street.
I am convinced that Ultrashutters not only saved our home but our lives
I tell everyone the story of how my house was saved by Ultrashutters!

~ Helmut Widrich ~ Callignee, VIC