Ultra Shutters security blinds are Australian made in our Gippsland factory. They have been designed to suit Australian weather conditions.

Ultra Shutters are adaptable to a wide range of situations – they can be installed over windows, doorways, patios and counters.

Ultra Shutters slats and guides are made from the highest-grade Aluminium and these slats are filled with eco-friendly polyurethane foam.

With a choice of manual or electric automated control systems, these Roller Shutters are as easy to operate as flicking a switch or winding a winch!

Our Roller Shutters are so easy to maintain, no regular servicing is required! Simply hose down to clean.

Ultra Shutters are available in a range of different colours, all of which have a fade resistant finish.

The 11 benefits of installing Ultra Shutters Security Blinds:

  1. Security – Ultra Shutters are criminal proof! Our Roller Shutters will stop thieves in their tracks. Your home won’t even be on a criminal’s radar, it will be in their too-hard basket.
  2. Fire-Safe – Ultra Shutters can save your home and your life in a deadly bushfire (read the incredible story of two Callignee residents on our fire-rated shutters page)
  3. Strength – Ultra Shutters are virtually indestructible. Your windows are even protected from falling debris in a wild storm!
  4. Light Control – Ultra Shutters let you control the amount of light you let into your home during the day, and are proven to stop UV rays and sun glare. For those who like it pitch black during the day, they are much more effective than black-out curtains; Roller Shutters are a shift worker’s best friend!
  5. Quiet – Ultra Shutters reduce outside noise entering your home by as much as 63%. Sound reduction can be up to 35 decibels, providing peace and quiet to homes on a busy road or in a noisy neighbourhood.
  6. Value – Ultra Shutters are a definitive asset to your home. They save you hundreds of dollars off your heating and cooling bills, and increase the value of your home, often by tens of thousands of dollars.
  7. Privacy – No more prying eyes from the neighbours. Ultra Shutters are especially effective for bedroom windows located above a ground floor. These Roller Shutters keep your private life exactly that!
  8. Eliminate Condensation – Wet window sills and mouldy curtains are a thing of the past when you install our Roller Shutters. Roll them down at night and you will eliminate condensation from your windows.
  9. Warmer in winter – Save hundreds each year on your heating bills. Ultra Shutters insulate your windows better than any double glazing, reducing heat escaping your home by up to 84%.
  10. Cooler in summer – If your house gets especially hot during the summer months, Ultra Shutters can help! These Roller Shutters will stop up to 84% of radiant heat entering your home through your windows.
  11. Eco-Friendly – By using far less power to heat and cool your home, Ultra Shutters cut your energy needs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Be sure to check out our gallery for our massive range of colours and examples.