Why Ultra Shutters is the right choice for you!

Roller Shutters are an important long-term investment, creating a safer more comfortable living environment and enhancing the value of your property. So when making your buying decision, please remember: lowest price does not mean the best value for money. The right choice is a risk free investment, providing you with complete peace of mind. The wrong choice can be a source of inconvenience, as well as a drain on your finances. When buying Ultra Shutters, you are investing in much more than the shutters themselves.

About us and what we offer:

  • Five Year Service Warranty – in writing, so that you never have to worry about servicing your shutters.
  • A combined 48 years industry experience in selling, installing and maintaining shutters.
  • Fast, efficient and courteous service.
  • Trained specialist installation technicians, who maintain our exacting standards at all times.
  • We have a bright, fresh showroom, where you can view our shutters in operation before you buy.
  • Our staff keep themselves abreast of what is happening in the industry, so we can offer you the latest in Roller Shutter improvements.
  • We offer a premium quality product, the best available in the market today.
  • Most important: we don’t cut corners to shave costs!

Consider what you are really buying from Ultra Shutters and then compare the Ultra package with what others are offering. In all the time we have been installing shutters, we have stood by all the commitments made to the hundreds of clients on our books. We want you as a satisfied customer, who will refer us to others without hesitation; therefore your job will be given the utmost care and attention. Is there really any choice?