Need Roller Shutters Installed in Bairnsdale? We Come To You!

Ultra Shutters security blinds are Australian made in our Gippsland factory.

Ultra Shutters are adaptable to a wide range of situations – they can be installed over windows, doorways, patios and counters. They have been designed to suit Australian weather conditions.

Ultra Shutters slats and guides are made from the highest-grade Aluminium and these slats are filled with eco-friendly polyurethane foam.

With a choice of manual or electric automated control systems, these Roller Shutters are as easy to operate as flicking a switch or winding a winch!

Our Roller Shutters are so easy to maintain, no regular servicing is required! Simply hose down to clean.

Ultra Shutters are available in a range of different colours, all of which have a fade resistant finish.

Ultra Shutters keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and can reduce your heating costs by 84%

Other benefits of installing Ultra Shutters include:

  1. Security
  2. Fire Safe
  3. Strength and Durability
  4. Light Control
  5. Noise Reduction
  6. Increases Home Value
  7. Privacy
  8. Environmentally Friendly

Saved by Ultra Shutters

On Black Saturday 2009, Callignee was engulfed by a horrendous firestorm.
Gale-force winds and an explosion of gas from the Eucalypts turned our street into a furnace. In a panic, we closed all of our Ultrashutters and prayed. Our home was the only house left standing in the street. I am convinced that Ultrashutters not only saved our home but our lives… I tell everyone the story of how my house was saved by Ultrashutters!~ Helmut Widrich ~ Callignee, VIC

Roller Shutters Bairnsdale Installation

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