“After our house burned down in the 2009 Black Saturday Bushfires, we decided to cover every window and every door with Ultra Shutters.”

On that fateful day in 2009, we lost our family home.

After hearing from our friend Helmut Widrich how his house survived because of Ultra Shutters’ security blinds, we decided not to take chances ever again. In our rebuilt home, we have installed a sprinkler system and an Ultra Shutters security blind on every window, and both the front and back doors. As a shift worker they are also a wonderful aid to me sleeping during the day. I can’t imagine living in a home without Ultra Shutters!

Leigh McCroreyCallignee, VIC

‘’Ultra Shutters saved our home in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires!’’
In 2009, our village was engulfed by the horrendous Black Saturday bushfires. Gale-force winds and an explosion of gas from the Eucalyptus trees turned our street into a furnace. In a panic, we closed all of our Ultra Shutters blinds and prayed. Our home was the only house left standing in the street. I am convinced that Ultra Shutters not only saved our home but our lives by creating a pocket of breathable air and somewhere to hide. I tell everyone the story of how my house was saved by Ultra Shutters!

Helmut WidrichCallignee, VIC

‘’I have referred Ultra Shutters to 3 sets of friends!’’

The lifetime warranty and security of a known and trusted name is why I chose Ultra Shutters for my security blinds. I was so impressed by their professional service and their wonderful shutters that I have personally referred them to 3 sets of friends.

Heather JusticeNewborough, VIC

‘’The best investment you can make in your home’s security’’

Being retired, security is a major concern. Ultra Shutters top quality blinds and security doors give me peace of mind that my home is safe and secure. My daughter is a shift worker and she also had them installed to block out light during the day. They are literally the best investment you can make in your home’s security.

Ron AndersonTraralgon, VIC

‘’Ultra Shutters keep the horrendous heat out of our home in summer”

Our home gets extremely hot during the summer months. Not only has installing Ultra Shutters created a new level of comfort for us in summer, we have also saved hundreds of dollars off our electricity bill by minimising the use of our air conditioner. Damian and the boys did a fantastic job and I am proud to be a repeat customer.

Helena RogersTraralgon, VIC

‘’The best product, cheapest quote, nicest bloke’’

I decided on roller shutters to keep the heat in and the weather out. I went with Damian at Ultra Shutters because he had the best product, he supplied the cheapest quote and he was a friendly bloke, unlike the other guys who tried to use high-pressure sales tactics on me. I have been very impressed with the difference they have made to my heating bills, especially in winter. I am a 100% satisfied customer.

Craig HuntMaffra, VIC